Our unique collection of art has been carefully assembled over the last twenty five years mostly acquired from artists, auctions and art college degree shows. They provide a stimulating and exciting visual element to our hotels and restaurants. Hopefully the sheer variety on display will provoke thought reflection and enjoyment for all our guests and visitors.


Our stunning collection of six Gary Hume abstract portraits from the 1998 series are by one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists.

Old Parsonage Hotel.

The very special literary club like atmosphere of the hotel lobby, restaurant and bar is enhanced by an interesting collection of oil paintings. They are mainly portraits from the 1950’s and 1960’s Bloomsbury period, featuring some famous British artists such as Christopher Wood, Duncan Grant, John Minton, David Bomberg, William Roberts,  Alfred Wolmark and Bernard Meninsky, They are interspersed with an unique collection of original Oxford cartoons. Each bedroom is decorated with a specially commissioned series of original charcoal sketches by a local artist Tim Seward. They depict many of the Oxford’s famous landmark buildings.

Old Bank Hotel and Quod.

The hotel is renowned for its eclectic collection of mainly British art which embraces the period from the 1950’s to the present day. The vibrant and stimulating atmosphere of Quod Brasserie is enhanced by oil paintings by young and up and coming artists from the leading art schools.

The Hotel lobby and corridors present three unique collections of photographs by the well known local photographers, Paddy Summerfield and Barbara Phillips. The passage way leading to the Library Bar has a much admired ‘Thirty Personalities’ collection by Wyndham Lewis. Over 200 of Stanley Spencer’s original pencil drawings are hung throughout the hotel, in bedrooms and the Library Bar itself.

Many of the hundreds of paintings in bedrooms, corridors and the private dining rooms are by artists such as Damien Hurst, Vusi Khumalo, Henrietta Dubray, Sandra Blow, Patrick Hughes, Michael Ayrton,  Craigie Aitchison, Roger Hilton, Maurice Cockrill, Henry Cliffe, William Rothenstein, Wilhemina Barns-Graham, Adrian Heath to name a few!